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Co-founder & Product Manager @ Linky Product
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Product roles are pretty new. Many companies are hiring more and more of these roles, and they are often very different from one organization to another. However, there are some common tasks across companies.

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Involving a Product Manager — accelerate your company growth by making smarter choices!

You are running your startup and are wondering if you should get a Product Manager, and what to expect from them? Let go through what a Product Manager can bring to your startup.

Product Management is an old practice in corporations. While initially oriented on marketing and branding aspects, we are now seeing this expertise following the expansion of software edition. Product Managers are involved in more and more projects.

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My journey from developer roles to a Product Owner position

Since I graduated high school, I want to “manage projects”. After many years being a developer, I moved to a Product Owner role. I actually think it’s one of the best changes of my career until now, and I want to share my journey.

EDIT: I wrote this post years ago — I read it again and everything is still valid. In the meantime, I created my own company and an online course to help people transitioning to Product Manager/Product Owner roles. Click here to check it out!

My passion as my studies subject

A journey through our team growth

Koolicar is a fast growing start-up working on peer-to-peer carsharing. It means that you can rent your car to your neighbor, and earn money for it!

We work hard to deliver the best services and applications to our beloved users. To be able to tackle the challenges of the new technologies and the carsharing industry is bringing to us while keeping up with our users’ needs, we are rapidly growing our technical team.

In less than two years, the number of people in our technical team has multiplied by 2.5. …

Recently, I tried to get a CardView to like a CheckBox : I wanted it to be clickable and checkable - and so providing a feedback to the user if it is “checked” or not.

Since CardView comes from the Support Library, I struggled a bit finding any valuable documentation. Here is a simple solution to get a checkable CardView with a background color selector.

The steps

  1. Implement the Checkable interface
  2. Merge the android.R.attr.state_checked to the drawable states
  3. Use a color selector as background of your CardView
  4. Set the android:foreground property of the CardView to ?android:attr/selectableItemBackground

1st step : implementing Checkable

Implementing the Checkable interface is pretty…

Albin Poignot

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